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§ 6 Restart

§ 6.1 Mass disconnecting and server failure

The race will be restarted when there is a mass disconnection or the race cannot be started properly due to server problems. When the problems cannot be solved, the race will be postponed until the problems are solved. The start of the race will be announced at www.gplracer.de.

§ 6.2 Start accident

If there’s a start crash in which more than 1/3 of the field is involved, the race will be restarted. It helps if one of the drivers involved counts how many drivers were involved in the crash and chats ’1/3 OUT’ during the race. When it is clear 1/3rd of the field is wiped out, the ReKo will cancel the race.

The message ‘Rennabbruch alle in iGOR’ (= race canceled everybody to iGOR) or ‘Neustart alle den Server verlassen’ (= restart everybody leaves the server) will appear. After this, every driver joins the #gplracer chatroom.
The server is restarted and everybody joins the server according to grid positions (pole position joins first).
The joining order is announced via chat by the ReKo, i.e. every driver has to wait in the chatroom until he gets the green light to join the server.

Important: No driver gets in his car, either in the pitlane or at the track, because otherwise the start grid is changed!
When every driver is on the server the Quali is aborted and the starting procedure is started.
Mass disconnection, server problems, or start crashes are the only incidents that can cause a restart of the server.
The race can be repeated on race day or at a later date.

§ 7 Objections

If during a race a driver makes a move which you think is worthy of an objection, you can submit an objection report to the Reko. You should consider, however, that the move could have caused an accident when you submit an objection.

You can submit an objection as follows:
Race date:
Name of the opponent:
Time in the replay:

Attaching a part of the replay containing the accident (if available)

Submit objection/ Reko request:

If the report is not complete or written in an inaccurate way, the report will not be investigated.
You should only write a report when there has been a severe incident. This includes ‘judging mistakes’ made by your opponents. The report possibility should not be misused to improve your position on the green table.

You can only submit an incident to the Reko 12-48 hours after the race, otherwise, it will not be treated.

Since the start of 2020 the REKO team have had a more lenient approach to incidents and penalties.
From now on the REKO will NOT investigate complaints against other drivers unless the incident is deemed to be a malicious or deliberate action.
For “racing incidents” we encourage members to discuss and resolve the incident themselves in a fair and peaceful manner.

You cannot submit a ‘counter-objection’ to counteract a penalty or objection.
The Reko will then view the scene and judge the incident. Only the Reko can decide which punishment (see § 8) fits the incident best. Objection to a penalty given by the ReKo is not possible. Only the Reko can give a penalty.
When the Reko decides a report is completely unnecessary, it can give a penalty to the driver who submitted the report.
Startcrashes will also be investigated without an Objection. Drivers who forgot to submit a PB (or an invalid PB) have to show up in IRC and ask an admin for permission to race. Reko is allowed to watch their entire race (like a yellow card status) and penalize bad driving.

Massive violations of the “Recommended Driver Behaviour (GPL)” (see §3.3) or the GPLRACER rules will also be investigated by the Reko without an objection (see § 8).