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§ 3 Behaviour on the server

§ 3.1 General behavior

Friendly, respectful, and polite manners are taken for granted at any time. Obscene expressions of any form and quality are not tolerated and result in the immediate exclusion of GPLRACER. This regulation concerns the complete race operation (chat, training, qualifying, and race) as well as contributions in the GPLRACER forum.

§ 3.2 Entry to the race

Training races and league races are announced at www.gplracer.de, i.e. are to be seen in the race calendar.
As a member, you will also be informed about upcoming races through e-mail. The servers are available about 5 minutes before the start of the qualification.
The password will be given in chat (see § 2.2) shortly before joining the server. The password will also become available in the GPLRACER forum at that time or sent to you via e-mail.
Do not start your qualifying before the official start of the session, given by the admins. This includes out laps (the lap coming out of the pits). The qualification is usually 30 minutes. Joining is also allowed while the qualification is underway.
Chatting in qualifying (-30 min.) and the race is strictly prohibited! Because it distracts and can lead to lags (jerks) on some PC systems.

These Chat abbreviations are e.g. not allowed:

  • PO (Pit Out)
  • PI (Pit In)
  • POFT (Pit Out Full Tank)
  • SRY (Sorry)
  • THX (Thanks)
  • NP (No Problem)

Chatting is allowed the moment the last driver crosses the finish line. GPL will give a message that the race has ended. Advice by the admins is to be followed. If a driver is noticed by the admins due to his behavior on the track, he will be given a warning or exclusion from the server if the behavior continues. Admins can also give a penalty after the race has ended. Drivers should only participate in races if they have sufficient confidence in handling the vehicle and track.

§ 3.3 Behaviour on the track

You have to respect the racing line your opponent is taking.

No cutting lanes are permitted (at least two wheels have to be on the track). The track is not limited to white lines but the transition from asphalt to grass. Unless not declared differently in a driver briefing, the pit stop belongs to the race track so cutting the white line e.g. in Spa, Mexico is allowed.

When being lapped, make sure the driver about to lap you does not have too much disadvantage. The driver that is about to lap someone does however need to take care and perform a clean overtaking maneuver. When in doubt, abort the pass.
When in a battle, taking the inside line before a corner as a defensive measure is permitted. However, the blocking of a faster driver is strictly prohibited. This includes changing lines more than one time, changing line under braking, and cutting off other drivers in a pass. When the opponent is beside you, stay on your side of the track, even if you cannot see your opponent.

If you join the track after a mistake, please take care not to get in the way of other drivers.
Rejoining the track has to be done taking a line that is as parallel to the tracks center line as possible, to be able to see your opponents in your mirrors.

Get off the track and out of the way ASAP if your car is non-functional.
If you crash, spin out, run out of fuel, whatever, so that you’re on the track but not moving or moving very slowly for where you are, then move off the track as quickly as you can. If in a Pro race where a SHIFT-R isn’t possible, retire ASAP if that’s the fastest way to clear the road in a particular circumstance and give up the race by pressing ESC on your keyboard. Treat this as a matter of urgency, as if every fraction of a second count, (and it often does). Your race may be done but others are still trying to compete as best they can. Running into your stationary or slowly moving vehicle will not make their day. At the very least get away from the racing line, and do it with all haste.
Of course, there may be some circumstances where a damaged car might still be capable of affording some benefit to its driver. E.g. Damage from a crash on the last corner on the last lap may still leave a car able to limp across the line for a beneficial result. An out of fuel car may still be able to roll a long way to cross the line. A damaged but still running car or engine may still be able to carry you to some points. Common sense has to prevail of course, and no one can expect you not to do everything reasonable to enhance your own result. But, if your current situation is not served by staying on the track, then please get off, and get off as fast as you can.

Please read the “Recommended Driver Behaviour” guide:
English: http://wiki.grandprixlegends.info/index.php?title=GPL_Recommended_Driver_Behaviour
German: http://www.gplworld.de/grand-prix-legends/gpl-fahrer-verhalten

§ 3.4 Flag rules

  • Blue flag:

Warns you, that a faster driver is about to overtake you. You should let him pass.

  • Yellow flag, not waved:

Attention, danger!

  • Yellow flag, waved:

Great danger, whole or parts of the track have been blocked by cars or debris. Be prepared to avoid collisions.

  • Green flag, not waved:

a) at the start
Be prepared the race is about to start
b) in the race
The green flag is waved after the yellow flag and indicates the end of the danger zone.

  • Green flag, waved:

a) at the start
The race begins
b) in the race
The green flag is waved after the yellow flag, and indicates the end of the danger zone.

  • White flag:

Attention, there is a slow-moving vehicle on the track.

  • Black flag:

Penalty. It is waved when a jumpstart is being made or if you are driving in the opposite direction.
You have to stop at your pit box within three laps and have to wait for a moment before you can continue your race. If you do not stop at your pit box, GPL will take you out of the results.

  • Finish flag (checkered black/white):

The session has ended.

Blue or black flags are only visible for the drivers for who they are being waved. All other flags can be seen by other drivers as well.
When you are disqualified (‘DQ’), this incident will be investigated by the Race Stewards (Reko), because GPL can make a mistake regarding this in some cases.
If you ignore the warnings given by the flags (in particular the blue and yellow flags) you will be investigated by the Reko and may get a penalty (see § 3.3 and § 8).

§ 4 Connection with the server

Every driver has to make sure his connection is good and doesn’t cause any disadvantage to other drivers due to “warping”. If a driver cannot solve his problems before the race, he might not be allowed to participate. If you notice you are warping while the session is underway, you should leave the ideal line until the warping is over.

§ 5 Using the server

The servers are privately hosted. Any unlawful use is prohibited.
The replays are saved automatically and will be available at www.gplracer.de.
Cheating/ engine swapping is not allowed.